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Health Innovation Working Group (HIWG)

  • Health Innovation Working Group is a student-led research seminar series that focuses on social science research related to the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector. Our goal is to provide a platform for PhD students and junior faculty members in disciplines such as strategy, economics, health policy, entrepreneurship, and innovation (or related fields) to present their working papers and receive feedback from a friendly crowd.

  • If you have a working paper that you would like to present at our seminar series, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

HIWG Members (including past presenters)

  • Sandip Bisui (Colorado / Purdue)

  • Sandra Barbosu (NYU)

  • Gabriel Cavalli (Toronto)

  • Furkan Cetin (Northwestern)

  • Alex Evehart (Harvard / WashU)

  • Wesley Greenblatt (MIT / Harvard)

  • Charu Gupta (UCLA)

  • Martin Hetu (Toronto / UC3M)

  • Sukhun Kang (LBS / UCSB)

  • Caroline Marra (HBS)

  • Farnam Mohebi (UC Berkeley)

  • Christina Nguyen (MIT)

  • Leonardo Ortega (Georgia Tech)

  • Grace Park (U of Pennsylvania)

  • Hanu Tyagi (U of Minnesota)

  • Matteo Tranchero (UC Berkeley)

  • Shruthi Venkatesh (Carnegie Mellon University)

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