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  • TMP120: Fundamentals of Business Strategy

    • UCSB Undergraduate, 2023-Present

    • Teaching Evaluation : 4.5 / 5 (2023-2024)

    • Selected Comments 

      • ​"One of my favorite professors I have had! Was very engaging and up to date on real–world knowledge that I can apply outside of the classroom. Was very accommodating and can really tell he has a passion for what he is teaching. I enjoyed going to class and participating, and feel I will use this knowledge beyond this course."​​​​

      • "I really learned a lot in this course overall! I think Professor Kang did a great job teaching the class for the first time, and I liked how interactive this class was. This was the first business class I have ever taken, and I felt like it was very informative and applicable. Professor Kang clearly has a very strong background in business, and it showed through his teaching.

      • "Professor kang is one of the only classes that does not put me to sleep."

      • "Amazing professor – really loved taking the class with him and I do think that him teaching it made the material more enjoyable to learn."

      • "My king. His class has been my favorite at UCSB thus far. He is very supportive and inspirational. It is definitely a tough course and there is no easy A, especially when it comes to participation and speaking up in class, but Professor King was amazing."














Past Teaching Experience

  • Developing Strategy for Value Creation”, LBS Executive Education, Fall 2021

    • Teaching Assistant 

  • "Case Studies in Innovation", USC Iovine and Young Academy, Fall 2015

    • Teaching Assistant ​

  • “Introduction to Digital Design”, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Spring 2008-2010​

    • Teaching Assistant​

  • “Digital System Design”, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Fall 2009-2010​

    • Lab Instructor

  • “Advanced Computer Architecture”, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Fall 2008

    • Teaching Assistant​

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